This is a very common justification. It is very true that the porn industry is a massive Giant that consumes more US dollars that the NBA, NFL, and NHL combined.

But it is exploitative. The carriers of porn performers is short and the ramifications are endless.

The vast majority of porn denigrates women by celebrating physical and mental abuse – all of which is hidden from the eyes of the consumer.

It feeds our loneliness and isolation because it causes our brains to feel like we are apart of something special although it’s completely fake.

Many people do foolish things until the brave among us stand up and proclaim that we are better than this.

Dentists used to implement cocaine on patients to numb their mouths.

Smoking used to be recommended by doctors.

Cars didn’t used to include seat belts.

People used to tan with olive oil instead of suntan lotion.

But we evolved our understanding to see the negative impacts of our actions. And in every single case of progress, from Galileo Galilei discovering the solar system didn’t revolve around the earth, to the first doctors to understand that smoking caused health problems, it took a while for society to adapt.

We are in such times presently.

There is new scientific research coming out every day proving the psychological, sociological, and physiological harms of pornography, and yet there are still many who want to justify the porn industry.

So, what do you want out of life? Will porn help to create a healthy marriage for you? Because statistics show very clearly that porn destroys many marriages.

If you are clear about what you want out of love, then it becomes more obvious what will support you in attaining that goal and what will make your life more complicated.