How to Leave a Podcast Review

Leaving a podcast review at iTunes isn’t intuitive. However, positive ratings are HUGELY important; they help the podcast get discovered by new people. Please take 3 minutes to leave a review as described below.    

  1. Launch Apple’s Podcast app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.
  2. Tap the Search bar and search for “Love, Life, Legacy.” Tap the album art.[widgetkit id=”27″ name=”Podcast Review 1″]
  3. On the podcast page, hit Subscribe and tap Write a Review near the bottom. (log in with your iTunes password if prompted)
  4. Rate the podcast from 1 to 5 stars.[widgetkit id=”29″ name=”Podcast Review 2″]
  5. Write a brief, honest review.

Bonus: get a thank-you note

Thank you so much, friend! When you leave a review, please drop us a message at and we’ll send you a handwritten thank you card!