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Action Steps

Action StepsBack in lesson 2 we outlined some support High Noon can offer you. But in the beginning, you may not have known if you needed that support or not. Hopefully now you have a better idea of what you need to move forward in your relationship, or your personal healing.

Nothing Happens Without Taking a First Step

Read through the four steps below and create an action plan for yourself. Here’s what we recommend:

1. Get Recovery – Make sure your partner joins a recovery program or gets into an appropriate counseling program

2. Learn more about the topics of porn recovery and partner healing by doing any of the following:

3. Join a support group, here are some we recommend:

4. Take care of yourself  – “Self-care is NOT selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” – Eleanor Brown

  • Eat well, sleep well and exercise
  • Spend time with friends and family
  • Nourish yourself spiritually
  • Take up or continue a hobby, or take a class
  • Schedule regular spa/massage days

How to join High Noon Spouse Support Group

We’re organizing a weekly small group Zoom meeting, open to married or engaged women of any age. Please leave your information in the form below so we can contact you with more info. Make sure to hit the final submit button.

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Not sure if you should join a support group? Read this: