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Committed To The Course

This program is awesome. We’ll get that out the way first. It contains everything you need to rise above porn and become the person that you want in the realm of Sexual Integrity.

However, it’s important to establish what you can expect for yourself after these three months. Some will be able to go strong for the entire 90 days. Some will have relapses along the way.

Porn has a neurological effect. Years of porn use has wired your brain a certain way. You’ll be able to experience success at every stage of your recovery, but it takes time to unravel all that wiring. Your brain needs a detox.

Once you gain traction, the three most common pitfalls happen at the three-month, six-month, and one-year mark. You experience success and your brain begins to convince you that you can let loose. What’s secretly going on is your brain still wants that sweet hit of dopamine that watching porn gives it. After a year is when your brain begins to rewire itself properly.

This course is designed around this reality. You’ll develop the skills you need to generate your own recovery. The habits that will keep you moving forward, the relationships that will keep you focused. This program is a launching pad to blast you in the right direction.

With that in mind, there are a few commitments you can make that will ensure you have a massively transforming experience.

The first commitment you can make is to keep up with the course lessons. There will be a lesson a day, each taking less than 10 minutes (often less than 5 min).

Each week a new batch of lessons will be released, and you’re free to absorb them however you like: every day, every few days, or even blast through a week’s worth at once. However you do it is fine, but our recommendation is that you at least keep up with each week as it comes out. (Don’t try to go through a month’s worth of content in two days)

Any questions? Leave a comment below!