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Consumer VS Creator – Day 47


Life is full of balancing acts, and there may be none more vital than your ability to balance between being a consumer and a creator.

Active vs Passive

The creator role is initiative, it takes charge, gives direction, and leads. Creators have to make hard decisions and take responsibility for their actions. Everyone has the capacity to create and consume, but which is more important for leading a happy and healthy life?

The consumer role is a bit more passive. You can look at it as being a follower, someone who just flows with the crowd or follows the trends. It’s easy to do because it helps us fit in.

Leading Your Life

The nature of life is active, creative. The decisions you make everyday create your lifestyle.

People create both good and bad stuff, but only you can decide what to consume. Healthy food or junk food, good movies or porn—it’s your choice.

Consume the Good and Live Creatively

Take charge of your life:

> What can you do each day to consume more of the good stuff and less of the bad?

> How can you live a little more creatively, or actively, each day?