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Create a Support Team

If your partner enrolls in the Ascend recovery program, they’ll have a support team. Their recovery depends on help and support from others because unhealthy sexual habits are born in isolation and thrive in secrecy. In a similar way, relationships sometimes need help from outside to break out of negative patterns or overcome differences in viewpoint.

Relationships thrive in an environment of support; that’s what weddings are all about. Family, friends and community come together to celebrate and support the love of a couple. It only makes sense that this support would start during a couple’s engagement period, and continue after the wedding. This kind of tradition is evident in most cultures throughout the world.

Finding Support

Unfortunately, sometimes we feel too ashamed to ask for help. Or we feel like we’ll be judged or accused if we reveal the nature of the problem. Sexual topics have always been a little bit taboo in most families and cultures, and it’s hard to get past that.

At High Noon, we’re trying to change that. We believe in honest and caring dialogue around sexual topics, and we’re initiating supportive community around that. Here’s what High Noon can offer you:

  • Email us and receive a timely response
  • Make an appointment for a call back
  • Monthly Spouse Support conference call (anonymous participation)
  • Monthly Spouse Support Zoom meeting (ongoing support group)
  • Family counseling referral

Your Friends, Family & Community

We’d also like to encourage you to reach out to trusted friends and family in your community. Use your discretion concerning sharing personal issues, but the people who care about you can be supportive in many ways. Maybe you could get a regular babysitter. Arrange a friends’ night out or other distractions that can help you through difficult times. People don’t always have to know the details of your situation to be part of your support team.

♥ The point is: Don’t isolate yourself! ♥

Counselors and Other Resources

As you go through this course you’ll be learning a bit about porn issues and sexual addictions, about relationships, coping and healing. However, there’s no way we can cover every issue or situation. Each person is unique and each couple is unique, and there are many circumstances involved. So, you may need more help.