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Day 6 – Role of an Accountability Partner

Yesterday we talked about what to look for in an Accountability Partner and how to reach out to one. Now we’re going to look at what your relationship with them can actually be like.

Have you reached out to your potential Accountability Partner? Not so bad, right?

Not yet? Whatchu waiting for!? (Email/Txt Template)

Once you get over the hurdle of actually reaching out to someone, the next thought on your mind might be…

Okay, so what does an Accountability Partner do?

Your relationship with your Accountability Partner doesn’t have to be anything formal. The jist of it is someone you share your recovery process with; wins, losses, close-calls, etc.

Here are the elements of what make a good AP relationship, but together you can decide how you want to go about it.


You should check in with your Accountability Partner on a regular basis, at least weekly. Send a message reflecting on your day or talk on the phone to recap how your week went. Maybe you even want to meet up for lunch.

Come up with a couple questions for them to ask you. Here are some ideas:

  • 1 out of 10, how much did you struggle this week?
  • What did you struggle with most this week?
  • Anything else you want to talk about?

Share with this person similar to how you would in your group. Talk about life, things you’re excited about, whatever other challenges you’re facing.

Fire Drills

Your Accountability Partner is someone you can call up in those moments you’re on the edge of acting out. Most people know when they start down the path towards porn, make a habit of reaching out to your Accountability Partner when you recognize yourself approaching danger.


Ahhhh, that’s where the name comes from… Another aspect of recovery, and something we’ll get into as we progress through the course, is creating new habits. Your Accountability Partner is the perfect person to share your resolutions with so they can keep you accountable for following through on them.

  • What an Accountability Partner doesn’t do:
    Remember one of the core commitments to recovery, “I will be strong.” You are responsible for your recovery. Your Accountability Partner is a supporter. You’re responsible for reaching out to him and maintaining communication.

    Call me on Friday
  • Better: “I’ll call you on Friday”

See ya tomorrow! ∼