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Hitting the Wall

This is a phenomena in marathons when people start to give up. Their bodies feel like concrete blocks and you simply can’t move forward. The only thing that gets tough athletes through this feeling is THEIR MENTAL STRENGTH.

When you reach your limitations, it’s your training—especially mental training—that gets you through. So what happens when you slip up in recovery?

Train Yourself for the Wall

The Wall is point where you reach your limits and you’ve got nothing left in the tank. You don’t know how you’ll be able to continue. It’s a defining moment for all of us working on our sexual integrity.

What gets you through the wall is training. Training yourself in how to respond to tough situations. Training your mental toughness to stick things out even when you don’t want to.

There are two sides to this training:

  • What do you do right before a slip?
  • What should you do right after a slip?