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Invite Your Friends

There are a lot of considerations that can get in the way of you reaching out to someone.

“I’ve never talked about porn or masturbation with any of my friends before”

“It’s embarrassing to let my friends know I’m struggling with porn/masturbation.”

“I don’t know even know anyone that has this problem.”

There are two reasons it’s worth leaving your comfort zone and beginning the conversation about porn and masturbation with the people in your life.

  1. They might be drowning. You’d be surprised by what the people closest in your life end up dealing with in secret. This could be just the thing they’re hoping for in their life.
  2. It expands your own circle of support. Imagine being able to check in with the people closest to you. To have that much stronger of a support system.

We’ll offer you some ideas on how to approach this conversation with people, and give you a chance to do a little bit of brainstorming.