Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Before we move any further, we have to talk about mindset.

Mindset is the foundation that all of your success or setbacks will be build on.

Your sexual integrity will require that you stretch yourself. There will be things you will need to give up. There will be things that you need to add.

Are you okay with that?

What would a porn-free life be like for you? Not just a life where you stop yourself from looking at porn or masturbating, but a life where you don’t even need or want to. Think about that for a moment. What’s it worth to get there?

Step one is to acknowledge that you’re the kind of person that masturbates or looks at porn (or both). That may be a hard pill to swallow, but if you’ve repeatedly masturbated or looked at porn despite wanting not to, then that’s just the kind of person that you are.

Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation. You’re not doomed to being a person that masturbates or looks at porn for the rest of your life. It means that you acknowledge your situation for what it is and can now be proactive in making change.

Think for a moment – If you’re the kind of person that masturbates or looks at porn, then no wonder it’s been so tough for you to quit up to this point. Imagine a lifetime of resisting pornography and all sexual urges as “the kind of person that looks at porn” or “the kind of person that masturbates.” Exhausting.

The real goal, and the focus of this course, is to become the kind of person that doesn’t look at porn and that doesn’t need to masturbate.

This is a much more useful mindset than that of trying to “beat” your porn or masturbation habit. The focus is to take you from having to try really hard to resist urges, to instead being someone who doesn’t masturbate or look at porn because your life is filled with other things.

What kind of habits does “the kind of person that doesn’t masturbate/look at porn” have? How much sleep do they get? How much time do they spend with people they care about? What kind of food do they eat? What kinds of hobbies do they have?

Start taking a look at what that kind of life that looks like for you.

Comment below with your ideas.