Lesson 1, Topic 1
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My Why


Humans thrive when they have purpose. We actually secretly love to be challenged because it gives us a reason to innovate. In the journey toward achieving Sexual Integrity, our motivation and our understanding of what we are fighting for changes and evolves.

The deeper you go, the more you discover that sexuality really does impact every area of our lives and of society. And we can see that the more control we have, the more freedom we inherit.

Having a destination is vital

Knowing where you’re at in your journey is essential. But we want to also be very clear, knowing WHY you are fighting in the first place is the difference between making it to the end and quitting. It’s like the fuel in your car during a road trip.

Having only a little WHY is like having a little fuel in the tank. You won’t get very far. Your soul will be challenged at some point and when it is, the WHY is what will get you through.

So, please reevaluate why you are doing this, why you are going through this process, why you want to have Sexual Integrity.