Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Necessary Measures

Have you taken a hard look at what things in life cause you to move towards acting out?

Today we’re going to do the work of cutting out the things that cause you to struggle. This lesson will be a crossroads for many people. The thought of cutting out Youtube from your life may seem non-negotiable.

It comes down to your commitment. What are you really in this for? Are you really out to be a person of sexual integrity? To be someone wholly complete, with nothing to hide from anyone. To become the “kind of person who doesn’t look at porn” and everything that will open up for your life.

Or are you taking this course because it seems like a good idea. Or to show someone in your life that you’re making some kind of effort.

You need to be ruthless with the things that are causing you to struggle with pornography. If manga is a gateway for you, cut it out. If there’s something that triggers you but you also need it for some legitimate reason, then you need to severely restrict your access to it.

These changes don’t have to be permanent, but this program is the place to go full out in your recovery efforts. Your AP, your group, when else in your life will you have the support that you do now?

Give it a shot. See what life looks like for you when you go full out.

Well done. In the future you may look back on this day as the day you turned your life around. You’ve likely had to make some tough decisions. Sacrificing what you want now for what you want most. Commitment is where possibilities are created, and action is where they come to life.

So take some action!

Remember the software to block/restrict access on your devices that we talked about in Week 2? Those will work perfectly to restrict your access to yellow circle activities.


StayFocused – Chrome extension that allows you to block/limit access to specific websites. Need Youtube for school? Only allow yourself access during specific hours or for a specific amount of time.


Parental Controls – Block access to specific websites/apps on your phone. Have someone you trust set the password for you so you can’t impulsively re-grant yourself access. Instructions how to set this up

Freedom App – Paid app (also available for Mac). While Parental Controls is an on/off switch for accessibility (block or not blocked), Freedom provides more customization. Allow access during certain times (ex – block the internet past 10pm) or for certain durations.


FocusMe – Similar to Freedom but for Android.

Go through all the websites/apps you need to break away from and find a way to cut them out of your life. In the least, you should be strict in what you allow yourself access to on your phone. If you can’t be without a specific website, then allow yourself access only via laptop/desktop and limit the duration you allow for.

What are some areas of your digital life you need to get on lockdown? Comment below.