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Neighborhoods – Day 45

Just like the real world, the internet has good neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods. Where are you hanging around?


The Internet Map

A city map will show you where business, schools and homes are, the internet is compartmentalized into districts and areas like:

  • social media neighborhoods
  • the financial district
  • research/study areas, etc.

And just like in real life, people are creatures of habit. We unconsciously frequent the same neighborhoods during our time online. We just click and go, not really thinking.

Where are you going and why?

Just as in real life, there are neighborhoods where good stuff happens and shady places where bad stuff happens. So, it’s important to become more conscious of your web browsing.

Be aware of click bait. Marketers send you down a Rabbit Hole and you can easily start watching porn. When you go to places like Instagram it’s filled with click bait.

Don’t Get Lost!

So, our advice at this point in your recovery is:

  • GET IN & GET OUT!!!!
  • Know why you are going online
  • Figure out how long it will take and set limits

Be conscious of your web browsing. Do what you need to do, but don’t get LOST!!!