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Phone Slinger – Day 44

Would you say you have a healthy relationship with your phone? How many times a day do you think you check it?

Today we want to talk about your relationship with the internet. We check our phones and computers hundreds of times a day to see our social media feeds, bank statements, email, etc, but why? Is it healthy? Let’s look deeper into how we spend time with our phones. Please answers the questions in the survey:

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Healthy vs Unhealthy Phone Behaviors

There are a lot of healthy and productive uses for cell phones. They help us communicate with family and friends, get work done, find places, purchase things, and generally make life more convenient.

But phones can also be a distraction that prevents us from making real relationships, or focusing on what we should be doing.

Do you use your phone in any of these situations?

  • To avoid awkward situations (like elevators, etc)
  • To kill time on a bus/train commute
  • As a way of avoiding work
  • While you are with friends/family during meal time?

We’ve already talked about getting porn off all your internet devices. Is there anything you would like to stop/reduce doing while on your phone?