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Recreating Yourself – Day 26

Extroverted, introverted. Patient, impatient. We get what we’re born with, but we have more say in what kind of person we are than we may think.


  • You decide what you want in life
  • You decide what you do daily
  • You create who you become with these decisions

No Need to Pretend

Let’s take a moment and get vulnerable. We all walk around worrying whether we’re enough. Trying to show the best parts of ourselves, worried about people seeing the worst.

I’ve got something to say to you: You’re enough. You’ve got nothing to prove. There’s no need to pretend, no need to fake your way through life.

What’s Your Big Picture?

What’s possible for you from standing in that place of freedom? No more shame, no more hiding. What can you actually accomplish now? What do you want to accomplish in your life?

Think about these questions because we’ll ask you to answer them tomorrow.