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Spouse & Parent

A huge part of most people’s life is becoming a spouse and parent. It’s the “Why” behind all the work we do here at High Noon – preparing people for awesome marriages.

You may not have known that before now. Throughout this course, everything has been about pornography, pornography, pornography. The actual work we do is create radiant couples. Living with sexual integrity happens to be a key piece to that.

Today we’ll let you spend some time reflecting on what kind of spouse and what kind of parent you want to be.

But before that, we’ll leave you with what it means to us to be a “Radiant Couple”

A Radiant Couple is a couple that is dynamic, deeply bonded through love and care. Tremendously intimate emotionally, physically, sexually. Living for the sake of each other. Godly. Divine. Warm and unyielding. They are fulfilled. They live to satisfy each others’ needs and desires. They have blossomed as a True Man and True Woman. They are powerful and move in the world as a manifestation of God. The man is dedicated to helping the woman become her best self. The woman is a commitment for the man to become his best self. Standing before them feels like standing before God. Beautifully unique. Their relationship glows. It is overwhelmingly powerful. It radiates unceasingly.

Full and not needing, they are givers. Heaven is created wherever they go and through whatever they do. God cries. God smiles. God laughs. God is intoxicated by them. All people want what they have. All creation submits to their love and Heaven flows through their perfected union.