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Stages of Change – Day 54


In life, when you become conscious of a problem, you have the option to change that problem. This is no different with sexual integrity.

Know Where You Are

If you know where you are, then you can anticipate where you will be next. Sometimes people graduate to the next level, but then fall back to where they were before. Knowing what stage you’re in can help you stay on course.

What are the stages?

 1. Contemplation

Fears and doubts, etc. Example should I join gym? I’ll look like an idiot. Important to note: you might end up back here if you slip (should I start all over again!!???!!!)

2. Preparation for change

Thinking things out well. This is the research phase. It’s important to anticipate obstacles. You don’t want to buy a gym membership and then never go because it doesn’t fit in your schedule.

3. Taking action

You start to see results. It’s new and exciting. You’re getting congratulated on your progress and feeling the payoff.

4. Maintenance.

Your momentum starts to lag at about 6 weeks to 6 months after you start. You’re getting bored, slacking off a bit. Your thinking is headed toward risky behavior.

You need to learn to maintain what you gained. This is a new skill set. If you take your eyes off the ball you’ll regress. The same way muscles become weak when you stop exercising—so don’t stop.

Relapse Alert:

Remember, you may go through these stages a few times. A relapse will bring up similar emotions again. If you learn your lesson, you can actually go through the stages much quicker the second time.