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Start From Where You Are

safety, hope, connection planningDo you feel safe and hopeful? If not, these are your first two priorities. There are different types of safety and different ways to feel hopeful. You might not be in noticeable danger, and you might not be hopeless, but you could have circumstances that reduce your security, or cause you to become discouraged over time.

For example, financial insecurity is one of the leading causes of divorce. Feeling like you can’t voice your opinion or talk about problems also causes insecurity, and is very discouraging. One of the main reasons porn hurts is because we’ve lost trust in our closest relationship. This creates a lack of connection which causes insecurity, and leads to a lose of hope.

Finding Hope, Safety and Connection

By answering the questions below you can discover where you’re at in relation to hope, safety and connectedness. These answers will help you begin to plan your healing journey. So even if you don’t feel insecure or hopeless, look through the questions and answer the ones that feel relevant. You’ll receive your answers by email.

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Overall, your “No” answers are the areas you need to work on, or you need help with. Your “Yes” answers are the personal resources you have to support the feelings of safety, hope and connectedness. The details are part of your plan moving forward.

How to Get What You Don’t Have

So now that you know where you’re at, you’ll want to make a plan for where you want to get to. Your goal is for you and your partner to be fully recovered and healed from this porn issue, and have a thriving relationship.

In the next topic we’ll cover some action steps you can take to reach your goals.