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Support Resources


You are Worthy of being Honored and Cherished

Seek the support you need by clicking on the links below or download the PDF and save it.

Counseling Resources

Video Courses, Workshops, Online Support

Books & Articles

Moving Beyond Betrayal, by Vicki Tidwell Palmer

Intimate Treason: Healing the Trauma for Partners, by Claudia Black

Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No, by Henry Cloud

Treating Pornography Addiction, by Ph.D. Kevin B. Skinner

Treating Trauma from Sexual Betrayal, by Kevin B. Skinner

Seven Tips for Wives of Sex Addicts, by Covenant Eyes

Dear Church: Time to Stop Enabling Abusive Men

Books on Co-dependency:

Facing Love Addiction, by Pia Mellody

Facing Co-dependence, by Pia Mellody

A Note to Men:

Until recently, porn and sexual addictions were considered to be a man’s problem and partner support has been focused on women. Because of our overly sexualized culture and the availability of online porn we recognize that an increasing number of women have the same problem behaviors and there is a lack of support for male partners. In light of that we apologize to any men seeking support resources, as the list above is more generally targeted toward women. However, most of the counseling resources at the top will serve both men and women. This book might also be helpful to partners of both sexes: Treating Trauma from Sexual Betrayal, by Kevin B. Skinner


If you’re aware of other helpful resources please let us know in the comments below!