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Swimming Against the Tide

If you haven’t noticed already, our society is extremely sexual. Though this hypersexualization doesn’t yield good results, it’s so common that people unconsciously accept and support it. Because of this, you must already realize that you are in the minority.

Going Against the Grain of Popular Thought

  • Women used to not be able to vote
  • Dentists used to give cocaine to patients during procedures as local anesthesia
  • Doctors used to prescribe cigarettes as a healthy option for people to alleviate stress

This doesn’t happen anymore because someone spoke out. People didn’t listen at first and the outspoken were ridiculed. That’s how it goes. It takes a while for public perception to change.

Until that day, it can feel like a steep uphill climb. One of the worst feelings is when you’re proud of something and then someone mocks it or steals your thunder. That’s the case for many people who are speaking out against pornography.

Stay Strong

What you are doing is not only investing in your own future, but you are helping to change the tide of what people view as normal.