Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Taking Action

This week has been about getting present to how much porn has impacted you, and taking stock of how committed you are to cutting porn out of your life for good.

How committed were you to stopping porn at the beginning of the course? Would you have said, “I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Now look back on how you’ve been regarding your recovery the past 6 weeks. Have your actions lined up with the commitment you said you had? Are you still willing to do whatever it takes to win at sexual integrity? Or have you become casual about your recovery?

Wherever you’re at is fine. This isn’t about being right or wrong. Take stock and consider, are your actions lining up with what you know you need to be doing? Do you find yourself relapsing due to the same mistakes over and over?

What new actions can you commit to moving forward?

Share below what you commit to taking action on in your life.