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The Good Stuff

Earlier we looked at yellow circle activities that cause you to act out.

This is actually not the whole picture. There’s one more layer that is important for your success. The Green Circle!

While the yellow circle is things to avoid, the green circle is activities to support your recovery.

You can break down your Green Circle activities into two parts – 50% recovery focus and 50% life building.

There are sensible things to be engaging in while in recovery.

But then there is actively building the life that you want for your porn-free and masturbation-free self. What are the life-giving activities you can take on that would make you feel like you’re killing it in life? What’s a challenge or goal you can work towards?

Life-Giving Activities

Read a book, write a book, learn an instrument, take care of your health, meditate, volunteer somewhere, start a business, take a class (here’s a good one – learning how to learn).

Recovery Activities

This course combines all the important elements to support you in your recovery: education, accountability, and community.

Keep up with the course lessons. Check in with your AP every day. Join your group call. These are fantastic recovery activities.

If you want to take your recovery to the next level, then here are some other phenomenal resources for you.


Porn Free Radio


The Porn Myth

The Porn Pandemic


Fight The New Drug

Your Brain On Porn

Add these green circle activities into your life slowly. You don’t want to get overwhelmed by taking on too much at once, and then discouraged for not keeping it up. Once you get the handle on one habit then look at adding something new.


Did you know Terry Crews fought his own battle to overcome pornography? He’s a huge advocate for the porn-free life and speaks about his struggles openly.

What are some green circle activities you want to implement in your life? Share in the comments.