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The Hulk Effect – Day 40


Just like the Incredible Hulk, we also have things that trigger us to act out. Though we might not physically smash things like Bruce Banner, we can actually do much more damage emotionally to ourselves and others.

What are your triggers?

Some people hate talking about emotions but it’s better to talk about them before they hurt us rather than try to figure out why we did what we did. Just stick with me on this.

We’re doing some reverse engineering in this course. First we looked at what porn is, then we dealt with what takes you there. Now we are going to look at what triggers your emotions.

Take The Hulk

He was always trying to control his anger so he didn’t lose control, but he couldn’t figure out the source of this anger. Probably because it would end the movie franchise.

To find your trigger is like finding the outlet where the lamp is plugged in. If you find the outlet, you can unplug the lamp. If you find the source of your emotional trigger, you can also take away its power.


Think about your triggers. What are they?