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Your Views on Sexuality – Day 16

Society doesn’t just suddenly start thinking in a certain way. The shifting of cultural views is a gradual trend that takes time.

We also don’t just invent our personal views towards issues either. How we were raised, what type of friends we had growing up, and especially what kind of media we were consuming impacted how we view the world.

What shaped your views on sex?

So, today we want to look at how your views on sexuality were influenced by the media you viewed growing up. Ready? Let’s go.

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 Let’s take a look.

Can you think of any music that you listened to which addressed the issue of sex?

  • If so, what was it?
  • What did it say about sex?

Can you think of any movies/TV shows that influenced your views on what is acceptable sexual behavior?

How has social media influenced your views on sexuality?

  • Instagram
  • Memes
  • YouTube
  • Facebook

How has your exposure to porn influenced your views on what is right or wrong in regards to sex?