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Your Safety Net

Have you experienced a relapse during these past few months? How was it for you afterwards? Many people overly beat themselves up, get depressed/discouraged, or go further down the rabbit hole and turn a slip into a binge.

Measuring Recovery Success

The number people pay most attention to when it comes to Sexual Integrity is their streak—how many days clean. This is an encouraging metric, so it’s worth counting.

However, it’s not the only number worth paying attention to. Another valuable number to measure is the time it takes to get back on track after a relapse. This is a huge indicator of growth in regards to recovery.

Imagine how powerful you’d be if you could go through the whole cycle of kicking yourself in the butt, reporting to your Accountability Partner, and setting up a better structure for yourself—all within 24 hours of relapsing? Compare that to however you typically respond to a mistake.

Creating a Safety Net

No one wants to relapse, but being prepared for it in case it happens is a crucial part of your Sexual Integrity journey. Today we’ll build a safety net in the event that you stumble somewhere along the road to recovery.

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